Facilitated, live-theatre workshops


Immersion in the story provides a unique opportunity to explore attitudes, beliefs, mindsets and practices in the case study being brought to life – and reflect on our own, enabling growth in safety leadership and commitment.


Our expert facilitators guide each participant through the workshop before, during and after the live theatre performance. Following every scene, participants are coached through each learning objective, from recognition of personal responsibility through to a commitment to best practice in a supportive but challenging workshop environment.

Mobile workshops

From city boardrooms to remote on-site operations to conference settings, our workshops can be delivered interstate or internationally with ease.

Existing, tailored or original scripts

Select an existing live-theatre script to suit your industry, target workforce and learning objectives from our extensive catalogue. Alternatively, our team can tailor existing live-theatre scripts or write original scripts specific to any workplace requirement.


Film production and Webinar streaming

Our high-quality film production and web delivery can be adapted and delivered with a streamed, facilitated workshop from 25-2000 or we can offer Train the trainer for your team members to deliver in remote locations. Our productions follow screen industry standards for all Health and Safety including COVID-19and employ professional crew and cast.