• ACT Australia

    Acting Consulting and Training Australia brings

    the leading edge in safety and leadership training

    to Australia and South east Asia, using the proven

    method of theatre-based plays and workshops.

    We bring the reality of safety and leadership

    training, and why we do it, to life.


    We have licenced 18 plays from AKT Productions in the UK – tested and proven successful over the last 15 years, and updated annually. For 18 scenarios and themes to suit your organisation – View Our Portfolio


    ACT Australia brings safety leadership and risk management consulting services with exceptional consultants.


    From theatre based workshops to One to One coaching, our highly interactive emphasis is a focus for all training. Meet the Actors
  • Acting

    Theatre has the power to change culture through

    engaging the hearts and minds of your teams.


    We have licensed 18 plays and workshops from AKT Productions in the UK – tested and proven successful over the last 15 years, and updated annually. For 18 scenarios to suit you – View Our Portfolio


    We bring the workshops to you – developing exceptional forums using plays and facilitation. Contact us for further information. Contact Us


    We enhance your initiatives. The plays range from courtroom settings for senior leaders to realistic incidents that engage employees at all levels.
  • Consulting

    ACT Australia brings safety and risk management,

    and leadership consulting services with our team

    of exceptional consultants and actors.


    Maria Saraceni, leading OHS and Workplace Relations barrister is a significant member of our Advisory Committee.


    Claire Jones, a highly experienced Organisation Development consultant has worked with actors in the UK and internationally with great success and brings her significant OHS and behaviour based development background as a consultant and coach.


    Our consultants work with your internal teams and programs to design the play and workshop intervention that supports your commitment. View Our Portfolio
  • Training

    The plays are the cornerstone of our training programs.

    The workshops all focus on increased employee

    engagement for positive behaviours that match

    your organisation’s values.


    ACT specialist training includes Inductions, Major Hazard Awareness training, Safety Leadership Days, Contractor Forums, Safety Professionals Training in Process Safety, Safety Culture Awareness training, Mediations and a focus on skills-building in Critical Safety Conversations. Contact us for Case Studies. 08 6364 3538


    Kim Fleming is the Creative Lead on our Advisory Committee, across the selection and training of actors and creative teams for your projects.


    Managing Director Susan Fleming, FAIM, B.Ed, GAICD leads the organisation, drawing on over 25 years in international leadership and management roles. Technical expertise in risk, arts production and training is a blended advantage for our clients.


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With billions of dollars of new projects requiring ever larger numbers of new entrants into the offshore Industry and the expansion of mining and construction onshore, safety remains vital to success.

Employee Engagement is critical to providing confidence for all stakeholders.


ACT Australia

ACT AUSTRALIA brings the leading edge in safety and leadership training to Australasia and Africa using the proven method of theatre-based workshops. We bring the reality of safety training and why we do it, to life.


AKT Productions

Our association with AKT UK Productions and the sole license to produce their 18 safety plays already used by the largest multinationals answers your challenges – including complacency, an aging workforce and a growing multicultural Workforce.


Our Expertise

The Actor Factor


Our actors and facilitators offer you the extension of “the actor factor” from our plays and theatre-based workshops
for leadership training in many areas. Some examples of tools we can extend to leadership development include


Forum Theatre: The basis is a play or a scenario and we use “Stop the action” to review and replay action subject
to the group’s work. Ideal for up to 15 people.

Skills workshops. The play or scenario is a starting point for smaller workshops where participants are encouraged
to try out the actions and can be coached in supportive, personal and safe environments.

Challenge your organization “Have we done everything we can to develop employee engagement in our values?”

Our Expertise

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