All our plays, films and workshops focus on behaviour and consider the impact of human factors on safety and health - lasting from 45 mins to a full day, a complete training program or conference forum. Our techniques demonstrate and highlight behaviours and consequences so we can take our audience to the heart of an issue quickly and effectively.

ACT is committed to sharing best practice behavioural or behaviour-based safety training addressing complacency to dynamic risk assessment, from frontline intervention to leadership behaviours, personal responsibility & accountability to safety culture.

Our leadership works in development with AKT in London. Since 1996, AKT have been creating unique HSE workshops and programmes for industry, including oil & gas, construction, nuclear, road, rail, airports, distilleries, facilities management, shipping and local government. We are very proud of our partnerships in safety, including our work alongside Step Change, OPITO, and IOSH (UK) and APPEA, Safer Together, IChemE and the State Government agencies in Australia.