Safety Coversations

Safety Conversations

Managers are vital in driving and supporting the development of a positive safety culture, and the power of the conversations that they have with their peers, direct reports and workforce is fundamental to that. How do you start a conversation when you don’t possess their technical expertise? What should you be listening for? How do you manage a challenging safety conversation so that there is a safe and positive outcome for all parties? This two-hour workshop uses different learning methods, such as case studies, videos, table and plenary discussions and group exercises. During the workshop participants will explore the most effective approaches to making a positive contribution to the safety culture through having the right sort of safety conversation.


Course Elements

  • How is a safety conversation significant? Is what we say what we mean?
  • Video case study – which safety conversations were missing?
  • How do we affect behavioural change through safety conversations?
  • The barriers to effective communication Situational coaching.