After Dark

Production Breakdown


The story is set on a remote site where a final task has been set before the weekend. Despite following the procedures and assessment of critical risks, perceived pressure elements affect the team. The question asked is what would you have done?


Dave: Mate, I’m knackered.

Geoff: We’re all knackered mate. C’mon, this is the kind of adversity that makes a team, a team.

Dave: Nah, mate it’s not safe. With Colin and Paul gone-

Geoff: Well it’s not going to get any safer with just me and Louie. What?

Geoff: Louie’s just taken the RRV out there, I told him we’d be right behind, but if you’re gonna leave me swinging in the breeze I’ll see if I can catch the new kid Wayne. Baptism by fire.

Dave: What happened to “wet steel no deal”? It’s supposed to rain this evening.

Geoff: Not till later. We’ll be finished well before it comes in but now I’ll have to chuck in a welding tent just in case.



Remote area worksites for:
Oil and Gas
Pipelines and Infrastructure

Target Audience

Suitable for leaders and operational workforce across major hazard industries.

Key Themes
  • Critical Safety Risks
  • Safety Conversations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Perceived Pressure
  • Team Dynamics
  • Culture
  • Safety Leadership
  • Re-assessing when conditions change