Big Bang Theory

Production Breakdown


Throughout the GB organisation poor communication leads to technical misunderstanding, complacency and mis-judged priorities. At site these finally combine to cause an explosion that results in the serious injury of a worker, significant damage to plant and severe reputation damage to the organisation. While the people and the circumstances may seem uncomfortably familiar, a subsequent pub scene and court appearances bring the crushing reality of poor safety behaviours and the terrible personal cost when they go wrong, to life.


Phillip: I will tell the truth.

Leanne: I know! Please help me.

Phillip: Are you working?

Leanne: Yeah – I recovered pretty quick, but I couldn’t work in gas again. I’ve moved over to Watercorp.

Phillip: Lucky you.

Leanne: Yeah. You?

Phillip: Does it look like it?

Leanne: Phillip, I don’t know what you want me to say? I’m sorry I wasn’t hurt as badly as you? I’m sorry I’ve been able to put my life together. Even though it’s cost me a marriage and I’m about to battle my former employer in court and I still can’t sleep and I can’t take the medicine they want to give me coz I bloat like a dead whale?



Oil and Gas
Pipelines and Infrastructure
Maintenance and Sustainment
Defence Industries

Target Audience

Suitable for leaders and operational workforce across major hazard industries.

Key Themes
  • Complacency
  • Process Safety
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Human Factors