A Bit of Bad Luck

Key Themes

  • Safe working in office environments
  • Perception of hazard and risk
  • Intervention
  • Safety conversations

Target Audience

Office based personnel


Tom has a tendency to be accident-prone. In a discussion with his line manager we learn about all the injuries he has sustained in the office, ranging from a hand trapped in a lift door to burns caused by spilling hot coffee. In this two-hander piece we explore the genuine hazards, which exist in office environments, and the behaviours, which would not be considered acceptable elsewhere. In this engaging workshop the attendee’s work with very common attitudes and beliefs to improve safety for the majority of working people who have office based jobs.


Kerry: I now understand why you off work last week. Can we look at some of the other

occasions? In January you were absent for six days.

Tom: Oh yes! You know I said I like to use the stairs normally.

Kerry: Yes.

Tom: Well I was in a bit of a rush and I had my hands full. To be honest I really don’t know what happened.

Kerry: What do you think happened?

Tom: I missed a step, or slipped – anyway I got to the bottom a bit quicker than I’d expected.

Kerry: And you sustained injuries.

Tom: Yes – well my face broke my fall.

Kerry: Your face?

Tom: I chipped one of my teeth and needed stitches in my chin.

Kerry: Nasty.

Tom: I had to have a cap. But the dentist did a lovely job.

Kerry: Yes I can see. But you surely know about holding the handrail?

Tom: Yes of course. But it wasn’t possible on this occasion because I was carrying a table.