Breaking Point

Key Themes

  • Personal responsibility
  • Safety culture
  • Risk-taking and rule-breaking l Proactivity/reactivity

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors and Drivers in Bus Companies.


A little girl is killed at a pedestrian crossing. We meet Trevor – a bus driver in shock, struggling to cope with what he believes to be his personal responsibility for this horrible accident. But as he starts to make sense of what happened, he turns to his friend Mal to help him uncover other factors that could have contributed to the girl’s death. And through Mal’s perseverance we learn how the culture of their depot ensured that the seeds of this accident were sown well before that moment at the zebra crossing. A culture of pressure, blame and “it can’t happen here”.


Trevor: But don’t you see? If the brakes had been working properly I would have stopped in time and not hit that van!

Mal: It depends….

Trevor: Whose side are you on??

Mal: Yeah calm down Trev, I take your point.

Trevor: (THINKS) So they rushed the job. Didn’t fix the real problem. But this was Tuesday. And they got the bus back in service forWednesday is that right?

Mal: Yes.

Trevor: What happened on Wednesday?

Mal: I don’t know.

Trevor: What do you mean you don’t know?

Mal: No-one’s talking.

Trevor: Someone drove that bus on Wednesday.

There’ll be records… PAUSE

Mal: What difference does it make?

Trevor: It makes a big difference. Because otherwise it’s all down to me isn’t it?

Mal: (GETS UP) We always get the blame. We’re driving the bus.

Trevor: But we’re part of a team!

Mal: I know.

Trevor: You know what I’m saying? What happened at that zebra crossing? It’s not the whole story.