Critical Thinking (developed with WINS)

Key Themes

  • Lack of integration between nuclear security and nuclear safety
  • Threat awareness
  • Transparency
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Commercial consequences

Target Audience

Anyone working in a nuclear facility.


An ordinary night in the control room of the Coastal 2 nuclear power plant suddenly turns into everyone’s worst nightmare when terrorists start to set off explosions around the site. Over the next few days, an examination of how the situation was handled not only throws into sharp focus the frosty relationship between safety and security, it also becomes apparent that the consequences could have implications for the future of the entire nuclear industry.


Marcus: I resent that. Security has never truly had your support. The Board has never had a proper briefing and you have never given it the level of attention that you are giving it now! If I don’t have your support going forward then I assume you don’t mind if I tender my resignation.

Henrik: I don’t accept it! You can’t bail out when we have a job to do.

Marcus: Then can we speak sensibly about how we do what we are claiming we are doing in improving security? About what you are actually going to tell the media?

Henrik: (REALISING HE HAS GONE TOO FAR) Yes, of course. What do you propose?

Marcus: More fencing around the back-up generators.

Henrik: I do wonder if ‘more fences’, will satisfy the regulators?

Marcus: If this station was being designed today the physical access points would look very different.

Henrik: Of course. But retrofitting more barriers is so expensive and often creates more problems than it solves. Is that really all you have to recommend Marcus? Is there nothing else?

Marcus: I am exploring options, and whatever we do will have a financial impact.

Henrik: I’ll be honest. Improve the professional training of your staff and start talking to the rest of the company to see how we can all contribute to more a effective security programme. Then we might all be able to help one another.