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On April 20th 2010 the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, operated by Transocean, exploded and 11 men lost their lives. But four months earlier in the North Sea on another Transocean rig, there had been a near miss with eerie similarities. Tragically the lessons from the near miss were not learned. In this hard hitting AKT Safety programme we see the dramatic events onboard the Deepwater

Horizon on the day of the disaster, and we follow the investigations as they uncover negligence, poor regulation, inadequate maintenance, catastrophic decision making and what the US authorities described as ‘a reckless disregard for safety’.


Anderson: You just missed Jimmy.

Curtis: Something wrong?

Anderson: No. He asked how the negative pressure test had gone. I told him it went good.

Curtis: What’s happening?

Anderson: Mud engineers are shifting a whole lot of mud around different pits.

Curtis: I seen that. I thought we were meant to stick to a single active pit. That way we can measure volumes.

Anderson: That’s what the policy says.

Curtis: So what they doing it like that for?

Anderson: Tank cleaners come on at midnight.

Curtis: I get it! So we can make a quick getaway!

Anderson: Something like that.



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