Game Day

Production Breakdown


Friday lunch and maintenance on a Naval vessel has been cut short. Retasked to set sail Monday, the ship is crawling with subcontractors, and everybody has a rush on.

Stores still needs painting and the Fridge Techs haven’t finished yet.

The early start Saturday does not begin well when an URDEFF sends the Fridge Techs off elsewhere leaving a work exemption for the fridges incorrectly filled in.

Subco, Lyndsey, went home early Friday to cover the weekend overtime and finds himself unprepared and ill-informed. To make matters worse, it’s Game Day and the Production Manager is off to the footy.

When the painters arrive Saturday morning, they unknowingly walk into a recipe for disaster leading to tragically avoidable consequences for all.


Hoppy: I’m not paying someone 80 bucks an hour to watch moisture evaporate.

Simon: We’re not finished.

Hoppy: No, we’re testing and getting five things done at once. It’s either that or improperly stored food and salmonella for the crew. Lindsay can take it up with Graham if it’s a problem.

Simon: Should we wait for approval?

Hoppy: Why wouldn’t it come through? I’ll sort the tags with ship staff and get ready to flash up so we can get out of here.



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