Grand Final

Production Breakdown


A crew has been called in for a Class 1 on their day off and it couldn’t be worse timing…
Grand Final Day.
While the rostered crew is working on a “bigger task”, and already into overtime, everything indicates that this is routine.
The team have some challenges being under resourced. To top it all off there’s plenty of emotion around a game everyones eager to catch- especially when the Team Leader is hosting the Game Day party. With perceived pressure elements, seniority affecting the team dynamic, and the crew distracted by the game, cutting corners may be a consequence of rushing.
Critical conversations ensure the impact of the risk assessments – could they have been more successful on Grand Final Day?

All workshops follow deep research and analysis to provide credible yet challenging scenarios to bring home the lessons learned and the consequences when they are not.


No way. C’mon, let’s get it done. JSEA.
We’re supposed to do it together.
Yeah, it’s in the truck on the dash, go and sign it.
We’ve been warned about tick and flick.
F*** me, you wanna change something on it, change it.
Personally, I want to get this done and get home –
preferably before half-time.



Infrastructure projects
Multiple Contractors Site-based projects

Target Audience
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Operatives
  • Anyone on major infrastructure projects, gas networks
Key Themes
  • Critical Safety Risks
  • Safety Conversations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Perceived Pressure
  • Team Dynamics
  • Culture
  • Safety Leadership
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