Key Themes

  • Situation awareness
  • Perception of risk
  • Intervention/safety conversations
  • Time pressure

Target Audience

Construction – principal and subcontractors.


The greatest proportion of fatal incidents in the Construction Industry result from falls from height, which consistently account for approximately half of all fatalities. (Pye Tait Report 2011). Gravity tells the story of the death of a subcontractor as a result of a fall from scaffolding and explores the various causal factors that contributed to it, such as risk, hazard and situational awareness and of course that very familiar need to “get the job done”. In this play, we not only visit the work site itself, but also the court as those involved are called to account. And we attend the funeral of the man who fell to his death…


Callum: You’ve got a nerve.

Tommy: Don’t start.

Callum: Can you not leave the family in peace?

Tommy: I’m here to pay my respects.

Callum: You’re not welcome.

Tommy: You’re not family. You’ve no right to tell me I can’t be here.

Callum: Have you no shame?

Tommy: Me? It wasn’t me who moved that scaffolding.

Callum: Tank cleaners come on at midnight.

Tommy: I get it! So we can make a quick getaway!

Callum: It was you told us we weren’t working fast enough. It was you who didn’t call the scaffolders back when it needed moving. It was you killed Joe.