Heart of the City

Key Themes

  • Personal responsibility
  • Risk-taking and rule breaking
  • Intervention/safety conversations
  • Consequences

Target Audience

Operatives, Supervisors and anyone involved in local authority highway projects.


Jamie’s life hangs in the balance. A freak accident involving a forklift has left him in intensive care, and his colleague and their Supervisor are wrangling over who is to blame. We see the men working on their highways project with pride and apparent care, but the unseen dangers lurk not far below the surface.


Keith: Oy! Oy!

Jamie: Yes Keith.

Keith: What the bloody hell are you doing lad?

Jamie: I’m just shifting these slabs.

Keith: It just goes in one ear and out of another doesn’t it?

Jamie: What?

Keith: You’ve been on a manual handling course. Now what do the rules say about weights in excess of 25 Kilograms?

Jamie: Do I have to pay for excess baggage?

Keith: (POINTING A FINGER) If I have any more lip from you, you’ll be getting a warning. Do you hear?

Jamie: I was only joking!

Keith: Easily. Jamie: You won’t be joking if you slip a disc will you? If you put your back out and can’t work any more. What will you do then? Fall back on your degree in Nuclear Physics?