I’m Not a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Key Themes

  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Are we selling products or solutions?
  • Challenging the client

Target Audience

Management teams.


As part of a team building exercise, a group of managers from boat building firm ‘Wayfarer’ find themselves pitted against managers from other companies in the wilds of the Lake District with no signal, no food and no tent. To beat the other teams (and win something a bit tastier than rice and beans), they have to complete a series of tasks designed to utilise the team’s skills and enable them to work together. By the end of the exercise, the in-fighting has been replaced by the beginnings of self-realisation and a (begrudging) respect for the abilities within the group, as well as a belief that back at the office, this is now a team that can collaborate and achieve things.


Alex: (Frustrated) Listen to yourselves! Could it just be that those guys have had a great time?That for them it has been an experience that has changed them? It’s hardly surprising. They won every task, they must feel invincible. Imagine what their next leadership meeting is going to be like!

Steve: You sound envious. I am. They wiped the floor with us and they enjoyed themselves. They’re leaving knowing they were the best.

Mike: And we’re leaving knowing we were the worst. (MOVING DOWN STAGE) I don’t want to be a loser, I want to be a winner. What do we say to John on Monday morning when he asks us how we got on? We say “John….we didn’t make the cut. We missed out on first place, we missed out on second but… we’re no failures. We’ve looked inside ourselves and seen the error of our ways. We need to change, John. We want to change, John! We’re going to change, John!!”

Steve: Jesus, he’s a monster.

Alex: I kind of agree with him though. We can turn this round. We have had a unique experience together…

Steve: That’s one way of describing it.

Alex: So let’s come up with our three learning points. Yeah?

Jane: I think we have to start with our customers. ‘Wayfarer’ is doing well, but we can’t rest on our laurels, we could be doing better. They want more for less at the moment. They want a higher spec and added extras as a reward for parting with their money.

Alex: So, what needs to change?