In the Zone

Key Themes

  • Working at height
  • Exclusion zones
  • Tool tethering
  • Setting to work

Target Audience

Construction Supervisors and Operatives.


A small team of subcontractors arrives on site to start fixing cable trays. Unfortunately their standards are well below the standards set by the Principal Contractor. They have not been properly trained and they are extremely casual when it comes to tool tethering. They are happy to walk through an exclusion zone if it saves time. Sadly the results of their attitudes lead to a serious injury. We witness a lack of strong supervision, and we see how a lack of respect for formal safety processes can quickly create new hazards.


Al: So you decided to do a mid air rescue?

Vic: To be fair we did it by the book.

Al: That’s not what the construction director says.

Vic: It’s fine to carry out a rescue from one cherry picker to another.

Pete: Vic brought his cherry picker next to this one sand went up in the basket.

Vic: They were right next to each other – close as I could get.

Pete: So I just stepped under the rail and into the other basket.

Vic: That was when we realised we had an audience.

Pete: They shouted at us to get down.

Vic: They went on about us having a rescue plan. We told them that was what we were doing.

Pete: They said they wanted to see it – the paperwork.

Al: What paperwork?

Vic: Well a permit to carry out the mid-air rescue apart from anything else.

Al: Oh God.