Key Themes

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Intervention
  • Security awareness
  • Consequences

Target Audience

Nuclear industry, office based personnel.


Pat and Tony have worked together for a long time; share an office, cups of tea and the occasional cigarette. Pat is very used to Tony’s perspective on Security and has heard his views many, many times. Does there come a point at which she should start to listen to his views differently or indeed challenge him? Does she understand how to challenge? And what are the potential consequences of not picking up the signals and not intervening?


Tony: What’s happening at reception?

Pat: Chaos wasn’t it?

Tony: Someone was having a massive moan that he had a load of lads who were supposed to have started work half an hour ago and they were still queuing.

Pat: They should have arrived earlier.

Tony: When there was no-one on reception? Sometimes I think they are just making a point.

Pat: What point?

Tony: Oh, that security is not just ‘show us your pass, give us your phone, and don’t wander away from your escort. Except that’s exactly what it is.