Key Themes

  • Safety Leadership
  • Safety Systems Management
  • Safety Culture
  • Leadership

Target Audience

Military Aviation, Civil Aviation, Operations, Supply Chain Senior Leaders, Safety Professionals, those responsible for maintenance and logistic support of complex systems, disaster management NGO’s


A Sea King helicopter had been ferrying an emergency medical team from HMAS Kanimbla to a village on the remote west coast of Nias, Indonesia, as part of relief efforts following a devastating earthquake. The helicopter crashed on an approach to land and nine Australian Navy and Air Force personnel were killed and two Navy personnel seriously injured. HMAS Kanimbla immediately scrambled its second helicopter to inspect the crash zone for a second time after Indonesian military authorities in the area suggested the other nine passengers on board may have survived. But an hour later the ship’s crew members were informed that all nine had been killed, their bodies found in the wreckage by a team of paramedics and rescue personnel.

Called to return to duty after three months in ACEH post the Boxing Day Tsunami, HMAS Kanimbla was again deployed when an earthquake occurred near Nias Island. Providing emergency relief for Indonesians in the aftermath of this earthquake the SHARK02 was the second mission of the day, flying in difficult conditions. The Board of Inquiry revealed the true extent of the impact of Leadership in Aviation Safety Systems Management. This set of lessons learned offers fundamental reflection for the surge of growth in Aviation and Aerospace in world logistics today.


On board HMAS Kanimbla, engaged in disaster relief operations in Indonesia, the ship’s cavernous hold was the scene of an emergency hospital ward once the news of the crash of the Sea King helicopter had come through. This conversation may have transpired

Doctor in charge of medical team: The hold is ready as an emergency medical ward Sir, we can do X-rays on the spot in preparation for the surgery… the fractures are… I’m sorry Sir. ( trying not to cry)

CO HMAS Kanimbla: Hang in there Doc. Those two need us all to focus now. Will you be alright?

Dr: Yes sir, we are all just… hoping

CO: The second chopper confirmed… No other survivors

Dr: Oh God… How close were they to Amandraya village, Sir?

CO: It looks like they crashed on the approach to land. I need to let the other’s know the latest sad news – and we’ve got media on board – can you manage this Doc?

Dr: Yes we have a full medical team ready to do everything we can to save them, I just wish…

CO: I know Doc. When they are our own it is important we stay focused and rely on all the emergency response training so we do our best for them. Job to do now Doc.

Dr: Sir.