Nothing Bad

Production Breakdown


A piece of equipment malfunctions during a live firing exercise, the operator just escaping in time whilst the asset is destroyed. With no obvious mechanical reason for the fault, the new integration software is examined and malware is suspected.

Nothing Bad explores the cyber-risks that were exploited by sophisticated criminals accessing the personal details of contractors, consultants and Defence personnel. Through seemingly minimal transgressions – “I did nothing bad” – the story skilfully displays the significant impact on the organisations affected, international reputations; and the personal impact. Rob, a former pilot and management consultant, Suzanne, also formerly RAAF Engineer and now senior manager at Sempiterna, a company designing components for commercial and military aerospace use; and Dale, their Air Vice Marshall friend and colleague face the consequences none of us wish to experience.


DALE: Do you have any idea how this could have happened, Suzy?

SUZANNE: How could I? I’m just processing what you’ve told us. Sempiterna’s security is world class.

DALE: Someone has accessed your systems.

SUZANNE: Impossible.

DALE: Do you have any suspicions at all as to anyone at the company who might bear a grudge or need money?

SUZANNE: Absolutely not! Our vetting is unbelievably strict.

DALE: And there has been nothing unusual recently, nothing that in retrospect seems suspicious?


Target Audience

Suitable for senior leaders, operations teams, safety professionals, those responsible for complex processes and systems.

  • Defence
  • Leadership
Key Themes
  • Assumptions
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Culture
  • Unexpected Situations
  • Perceived Pressure
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