Profit and Loss

Key Themes

  • Balancing budgets and safety
  • Intervention/safety conversations
  • Leadership
  • Culture

Target Audience

Directors, Site and Project Managers.


An Operations Manager is making a ‘safety swoop’ on a construction site. The Project Manager and Site Manager are juggling with insufficient resources after another department costed and won the work. Hazards are spot-ted, some significant, others less so, but everyone on site knows that working at this pace, with insufficient people to do the job, is dangerous. A young worker crushes a finger; what else can go wrong? What are the unsafe behaviours of the managers that can impact further down the line?


Mark: It’s down to us to avoid incidents.

David: Actually I think Senior Management have an equal responsibility.It’s their business, they determine the way money and resource are invested so they have a major part to play in the operation of each and every site. They make us responsible but they don’t give us all the tools to ensure that we carry out our responsibilities.

Mark: Are you talking about money again?

David: No! Yes! Well – it’s more complicated than that. Money comes into it. Look what happens when there is an accident. Suddenly they find that they can afford to get a load more men on site. And we all know it costs a fortune in downtime, making good and so on. It’s more about communication and blame… I think safety is becoming an irritant at some levels of this organisation. They’ve employed safety experts and they have safety days. So why do people still make mistakes?