Sales Drive

Key Themes

  • Driving safety
  • Company fleet solutions
  • Supervision

Target Audience

Anyone managing a mobile fleet, supervising a mobile sales or delivery force or driving a company vehicle.


Sonia is a sales rep for a large manufacturing organisation. After a reorganisation her region is expanded and she faces longer journeys and longer days. She considers using the train for certain journeys but this is not sup-ported by her company. After an exhausting week Sonia is involved in an accident. She has no memory of the incident but believes she fell asleep at the wheel. She slowly recovers from the physical injuries, but she is haunted by the fact that a passenger in the vehicle she hit, a teenage girl, is killed. Sonia blames herself, and she blames her company.


Dan: I reckon it was the worst kept secret in the business but now we’ve got the detail. A regional reorganisation. Luckily It doesn’t make a huge difference to us.

Sonia: It does to me! My patch is a lot larger.

Dan: That’s true but I can see why they’ve done it.

Sonia: (SIGHING) Oh well I’d better start to get to know the area. I think I can get a direct train from Kings Cross to Hull. If I book it in advance I can work on the way up.

Dan: (HESITATING) The thing is…

Sonia: Yes?

Dan: Well we provide the cars…

Sonia: Erm…there’s no rule that says I can’t go on the train though is there?

Dan: No, there’s not a rule as such.

Sonia: But you’d rather I used the car.

Dan: It’s not down to me. I don’t make those sorts of decisions.

Sonia: But someone does and they’ve hinted heavily that we should always use our cars.

Dan: (WANTING TO MOVE ON) Look, the company doesn’t want to pay for a car to sit in the garage while you rack up train fares.

Sonia: OK. I’ll shut up .