Spotlight on Safety

Key Themes

  • ‘The Safety Case’
  • Acquisition Safety
  • Sustainment
  • Leadership
  • Safety Culture

Target Audience

Designers, Operators, Manufacturers, Sustainment Managers & Maintainers, Safety Leadership, Executive Authorities. 


ACT AUSTRALIA challenges our role in Acquisition safety. Bringing 4 international case studies – HMS Tireless, the Dutch Mortar Incident, The Ridgeback Vehicle incident, and a Helicopter in service incident, we see how the safety case needs to remain the focus over the whole lifecycle and a range of considerations for reflection in the acquisitions and sustainment process. 


 Official: Are you saying something else caused the detonator to initiate the reaction? 

Scientist: I am. The primer inside the detonator fired without being hit by the firing pin. 

Official: How is that possible? 

Scientist: (BECOMING EVEN MORE ANIMATED) There must have been a change in the chemical composition of the detonator. Therefore, we looked at the environmental conditions in which the mortar round was kept. 

Official: You mean where it was stored? 

Scientist: Yes. We traced that round to Kidal in Northern Mali where it was kept in a white shipping container with no roof. 

Official: (INCREDULOUS) Really? 

Scientist: There was no monitoring of temperature unfortunately, so we did some calculations. Given the climate during July in Mali, we estimate that the temperature inside the container reached 63 degrees C. 

Official: Every day?