Stress Fractures

Key Themes

  • Mental health
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Monitoring the signs of stress
  • Supporting wellbeing and productivity

Target Audience

Managers in any industry with responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their team members.


Ray manages a team in a busy department. He pushes himself hard, and he expects the same dedication from his team members. Mark and Janie are highly motivated and hard working, but they are both suffering from a culture in which long hours and late nights are the norm. We witness a meltdown as Ray fails to monitor his own and his team members’ stress levels.


Ray: (READING) What??? (SHOUTS) Mark!

Mark: Did you shout for me Ray?

Ray: Don’t try to be clever – take a look at this. HE THRUSTS THE REPORT AT MARK:

Mark: Oh. That’s been changed.

Ray: I do hope this hasn’t been emailed anywhere yet.

Mark: Yes, I’ve just……

Ray: Do you think I should be checking your work?

Mark: No.

Ray: Do you think it’s my job to do your reports?

Mark: No, but…..

Ray: Have you got too much work?

Mark: No, I can manage my workload.

Ray: You had a day off last week.

Mark: I had a wisdom tooth out. It won’t happen again Ray.

Ray: You don’t know that.

Mark: I do. I don’t have any more wisdom teeth left.

Ray: I haven’t had a day off this year.

Mark: What about your work/life balance?

Ray: The only people who go on about work/life balance are the people who don’t want to work. And guess what? They are the first people out the door in a reorganisation. I’m not going to be one of them.