Taking Care

Key Themes

  • Nuclear security culture
  • Personal responsibility for security
  • Vigilance
  • Intervention

Target Audience

Anyone who works in Nuclear.


If someone has personal problems, that’s their business and if they choose not to disclose them at work, then that’s their prerogative, isn’t it? But what do you do if you think that those personal problems are not only impacting on their work but could potentially make them a threat to the security of the site? Or is that just the stuff of fiction? These are the questions facing Liz and James about Alan, their colleague.

This workshop helps participants to explore their own personal responsibility when it comes to Nuclear Security Culture and consider the options for intervention and sup-port for a colleague – from a careful conversation through to the involvement of Vetting Aftercare.


Liz: Someone needs to do something. Before he does something stupid and gets the sack.

James: You think we should talk to HR?

Liz: I thought Vetting Aftercare.

James: Really? Why?

Liz: Shouldn’t they know?

James: So that they could remove his security clearance?

Liz: No! So that they can help him keep it!

James: How are they going to do that? They’d need to be marriage counsellors, debt advisers and alcoholics anonymous!

Liz: We can’t just watch him make a mess of his life!

James: He’s an adult! He makes his own choices and should accept theconsequences.

Liz: But we know about it!!