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For some long-term employees the security measures, passes, searches and strict rules have become an irritating irrelevance. Today, though, cyber attacks, terrorist outrages and the actions of rogue states pose a genuine threat to sensitive sites. This programme explores the human factors which can render physical security ineffective. This workshop was developed for and in partnership with Sellafield Sites Ltd as one strand of a strategic intervention to support Security Culture onsite. AKT are very grateful for their permission to promote and use this workshop in order to help other organisations reflect and improve.


Dan: I’m seriously thinking of getting out.

Nikki: And it’s such a buoyant jobs market out there!

Dan: Yeah well there’s a limit to how much I am prepared to put up with. Have you read my blog?

Nikki: You really shouldn’t write that stuff – you’re on dodgy ground.

Dan: It’s anonymous! They can’t trace it to me. Apart from you no-one knows the identity of the ‘Insider’.

Nikki: You need to keep it that way. Anyway I didn’t see it – what did you write?

Dan: I just mentioned that morale is at an all time low in certain parts of the plant, and wondered when senior management would begin to wonder why.

Nikki: Do you think senior management read your blog?

Dan: I know some of them do.

Nikki: Just for the pleasure of hearing you bitching about people?

Dan: No, so they get a genuine insight into what is happening in their organisation.

Nikki: I’m sure they must be very grateful. Is it actually legal?

Dan: When I signed a contract to work here there was no mention of social media.



Defence & Allied Services

Target Audience

Anyone working on a security sensitive site.

Key Themes
  • Insider threats
  • IT Security
  • Risk perception
  • Disaffection and non-compliance