The Right Connections at Woodside

We proudly supported Woodside with a bespoke program of live performances and an in-house film for remote audiences called The Right Connections.

We based The Right Connections on a series of incidents experienced by multinationals within the oil and gas industry. The content was sensitively managed while still delivering impact for audience participants.

The program was delivered to 700 employees over five days through a combination of film and live theatre-based workshops facilitated by Susan Fleming, Ron Kemp and Shirley-Anne Fortina. The film was shot at Woodside and helped employees further connect with the material via locations they recognised.

The Right Connections was then delivered internally by our ACT facilitators at Woodside’s Karratha operation, then distributed to 5,000 employees on sites interstate, internationally and offshore.

Woodside have since won the prestigious APPEA Health and Safety Award.