Them and Us

Key Themes

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Managing diversity

Target Audience

Supervisors, Team Leaders, Construction.


Mike is a competent and experienced supervisor and his word carries a lot of weight – what he says and does is a key influence on the behaviour of his team. He enjoys banter and understands that having a good laugh helps bind a team. What he doesn’t realise is that his choice of humour can also be divisive and mean that he doesn’t always get the best from his people.


Don: You said fucking Geordies.

Mike: It’s just a saying.

Don: It’s not a saying! ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’, that’s a saying. ‘Fucking Geordies’ isn’t a saying!

Mike: Well you know what they’re like!

Don: What are they like?

Mike: You must have met one!

Don: I’ve met loads of Geordies. I’m from 50 miles down the road.

Mike: Well then.