Ticking Boxes

Key Themes

  • Quality conversations and engagement in tool box talks
  • Hazard awareness

Target Audience

Operatives and Supervisors.


The tool box talk is the vital, last barrier to an incident – the final opportunity to check common understanding of risks, hazards and the work to be carried out.

Unfortunately for Phil, Graham and Trevor it is a chore. How should the supervisor facilitate the tool box talk to maximise contribution and minimise potential risk. What should he expect from his team in return?


Phil: OK so have we got BA gear?

Graham: Don’t need it, this is a cold water pipe.

Phil: Right. Are we aware of what task every member of the team has to carry out?

Graham: Yes I have to replace the valve, you two stand about watching.

Phil: Cheeky git.

Graham: And can we get started, I’m getting soaked out here?

Phil: Yes on you go. I’ll fill this out.

Graham: I’ll have finished the job before you’ve finished the form.