Trade Offs

Production Breakdown


An energy company named Halston Energy Ltd has entered into a JV with the state-owned energy company of New Beldonia. Halston is now running an aging asset, the Gurgone refinery, with eyes on the prize of lucrative exploration leases.

The story follows the leadership team at Gurgone as they take on risk – some wins some losses – across production outputs, a government moving the goalposts on targets, heritage and environmental issues, working conditions, contractor engagement and innovation proposals.

TRADE-OFFS provides a unique opportunity to reflect on our own attitudes and practices and explore the complexities and “tradeoffs” we must make in balancing risk and reward in decision-making.


Tony: How can one project has so many venturi particulate scrubbers? Who signed off on this Sarah?

Sarah: Pete Duffield was tasked with identifying the major sources of emissions and engaging a contractor to instal scrubbers and collection systems.

Tony: We can’t haemorrhage money like this, have you seen the oil prices? We don’t have the luxury of splashing cash any more. Where is he?

Sarah: On sick leave.

Tony: I’m not surprised! This has a distinct dump and run feel. What did he think he was doing?

Sarah: Fulfilling the requirements of New Beldonia’s Clean Air Act amendments.


Target Audience

Suitable for leaders and operational workforce across major hazard industries.

  • Defence
  • Leadership
Key Themes
  • Assumptions
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Culture
  • Unexpected Situations
  • Perceived Pressure
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