What the Client Needs

Key Themes

  • Client focused skills for professional services staff
  • Attitudes to selling and negotiation
  • Meeting genuine client needs

Target Audience

New team members of professional services firms.


Emma is new to the firm and Tom has only recently joined. Their partner, Roland is inducting them into the firm. Sadly his approach to client relationships is horribly outdated. He gives a client what he is prepared to provide instead of discovering their specific needs. The new joiners are perplexed as he shares his eccentric beliefs. This workshop was commissioned by one of the Big 4 accountancy firms as a means of embedding the importance of consultancy skills as well as technical expertise to their new joiners.


Roland: I am delighted to announce that the firm is about to merge with our colleagues in Armenia.

Tom: I thought we were already connected.

Roland: Yes we were, in a way, but now we are to become part of the same organisation. Anyway you two are in at the start of something very exciting. And to prove it I want you two to Project Manage the process.

Tom: What?

Roland: Having trouble with your hearing Tom?

Tom: I must be. I thought you asked two people with no Project Management training to undertake a huge project.

Roland: Project Management isn’t hard! It’s just lists!

Emma: Really?

Roland: Of course. I mean imagine you are moving house. You need a ‘to do’ list. Contact BT, the utilities and…. Sky TV. Ring Pickfords. Send change of address cards, Move. Now I’d like to see something at the end of the week.


Tom: Oh God.

Emma: Now I have an inkling that Project Management may be a little more complex than that.