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Production Breakdown


A burst water main necessitates an emergency excava-tion. As night falls and water threatens a nearby electricity sub-station, a trench is dug. In the haste to complete the job, a man is trapped as the trench collapses and is crushed to death.

In this dramatic AKT safety workshop we witness the contributory factors, and we see the legal proceedings unfold against the Supervisor, his Manager and indeed the CEO of the company.

In the highly interactive workshop the attendees carry out a causal factors analysis, and act as jury, deciding the fate of those involved in the fatal incident. The aim of the workshop is to help people at all levels of an organisation understand their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act, and the Corporate man-slaughter legislation, and see how their decisions can have a major impact on the safety culture.


QC: How many people were you supervising that night?

Jake: Originally there were three of us, but Mo had gone home just before the main burst.

QC: So your team just consisted of you and Mister Shepherd.

Jake: Yes.

QC: It should have therefore been perfectly possible to supervise just one person.

Jake: I was supervising! I was busy talking to the client, talking to my Manager and assessing the best way to do the job.

QC: Since the job ended in the death of Mister Shepherd, the jury will surely reflect on the effectiveness of your supervision.



Defence & Allied Services

Target Audience

Civil Engineering, utilities and any associated industries and partners.

Key Themes
  • Corporate manslaughter
  • Leadership partnership/joint venture compliance