You’re Fired!

Key Themes

  • Respect
  • Collaborative working
  • Pitching & selling
  • Listening to the client
  • Recognising strengths within a team

Target Audience

Management teams.


Four sales executives from Stockwell Motors arrive at a less-than-impressive hotel for a team building event. Battling it out against four other teams to complete five Apprentice-style tasks, tensions within the group begin to rise as the finish line comes ever closer. And yet before they check out, all four will have realised that if they work to each other’s strengths back at the showroom, they will become a much stronger, higher-performing team.


Voice: Your first task is to design a new and innovative piece of play ground equipment. Once you have designed it you must create a presentation outlining how you would brand and sell it to retailers. You have until seven o’clock this evening. It’s time to show us what you can do. Good luck! THERE IS ANOTHER BURST OF PROKOFIEV AND THEN SILENCE.

Jordan: This is so exciting!


Sue: (SEARCHING IN HER BAG FOR HER PHONE) I’m going to call John. I thought this was the annual sales conference. If he thinks I’m spending the next few days engaged in some horrific team building event he can think again.

Keith: Perhaps we should start the task, Sue?

Sue: God, there’s no reception. I’m going to the car park.

Jordan: There’s no reception anywhere. I haven’t had a bar since I stopped at the garage at the top of the hill.

Sue: Then I’m definitely not staying here.

Keith: (ANXIOUS) Sue, I think we really need to…

Neil: Keith’s right, Sue. Let’s crack on, you can call

John later. If you walk out now you could jeopardise things for the rest of us. I’m not going to allow that to happen.

Sue: I beg your pardon?