Psychosocial Safety

Your organisation aims to deliver a mentally healthy workplace for employees’ health and wellbeing by creating a psychologically safe workplace and culture. We provide a catalyst workshop that builds capability and acknowledges the significant changes to the way people work. There is no doubt that the need for driving a new culture of successful Hybrid Working is here. Our thought-provoking stories provide a better understanding of the link between financial well-being and mental health to build a high performing workforce.

Key Themes:

  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Monitoring signs of stress
  • Time pressure
  • Supporting wellbeing and productivity
  • Critical conversations
  • Five step process
  • Coaching
  • Listening
  • Equity, diversity and inclusivity

Signature Productions

We create a world where our clients can explore all areas of Leadership and Culture, Human Factors, Safety Behaviours, Risk Management and Safety Conversations. We have over 70 productions, many based on researched case studies.