Conferences & Events

Make your Safety Conference the one everyone talks about. We can design a section for the day or work with you to utilise one of our stories thematically throughout the day.

How We Can Help

Leaders in the field of theatre-based learning, our programs leave a lasting impression.

Put safety and risk training at the forefront of your people’s minds by incorporating an engaging live theatre segment at your next conference that brings the reality home, with impact.

Our work is filled with constant demands on our attention, so making safety ‘front of mind’ for your people is CRITICAL.

How do you cut through?

We all know staff switch off at dull, ordinary presentations and we lose their attention. ACT makes an impact by involving them in the story presented by professional actors – and changing its outcome.

Call us today on 0458 881 434 or fill in our Needs Analysis Form to discuss how we can make an impact at your next work safety event.

Tested and Proven Productions

Here’s an example of how productions can engage and stimulate your leaders that also introduces our “BEARPIT” where the audience actually challenges the characters!

With thanks to Alinta Energy

Alinta Sizzle Reel 2:43