Docufilms & Mini Series

Professional staging and filming of safety and risk productions to suit your workforce. From major scenario building to critical conversations in the workplace.

How We Can Help

Films that inspire cultural change and challenge where we are at today

Docufilms and mini-series are a flexible way to deliver safety and risk management training to your workforce in instances where live theatre is not an option.

ACT Australia|NZ specialises in delivering global best practice content through leading actors and communicators.


Our vast array of industrial theatre scripts can be adapted for filming or bespoke scripts can be customised for filming your requirements.

Alternatively, a mini series of the program can be created consisting of smaller episodes that can be presented on a regular ongoing basis and both options come with in-house or expert online facilitation to involve participants in relevant scenarios.

For example, a safety leadership program can be made into a custom docufilm for onsite presentation. For the Australian Defence Force WHS Branch, we created a film of the play Nimrod for Safety Month 2021.

Convert one of our leading programs to film or work with us to design a script that addresses specific safety and risk outcomes.

To find out more about how ACT Australia can assist, just call us on +61 458 881 434 or complete this quick Needs Analysis Form as a starting point. We will contact you to make a time for a discussion.

Tested and Proven Productions

Consider the filmed examples below or contact us for access to more film examples specific to your needs.


For Major Hazard Operations and Legacy Systems. This example was adapted from the live performance for the Department of Defence WHS Branch for WorkSafe 2021. It follows the learnings from the Haddon Cave report, which found organisational, cultural and leadership failings, alongside a ‘lamentable’ safety case.

I Should Have Said Something 7:05

For Rail, Maintenance and Infrastructure Projects. This film was adapted from the live performance utilised nationally for ONSRS, the national Rail Safety Regulator, from an award-winning play called THE FAMILY. A young man is horrifically injured when the safety culture at the workplace does not support safe work on the tracks.

The Maintenance Man 6:47

For Inductions and Maintenance Contractors. The film was the result of a focus group where the contractors told us exactly where their challenges were to be found. Finalist in the Safe Work Awards.

Critical Conversations 4:19

For all workplaces where Supervisors and Managers need Critical Conversations Skills.

Capturing the challenges of today’s workplace in  your workplace, we create scenarios and train Supervisors and Managers to handle these Critical Conversations.