Live Theatre Production Workshops

Using plays as live, interactive case studies illustrates how even the smallest action, or inaction, can have the greatest impact when it comes to safety at work.

How We Can Help

Industrial theatre is a breakthrough form of training.

For audiences from 20 – 2000, our productions can be staged anywhere from city boardrooms to conference settings to remote onsite operations, Australia wide and internationally.

There’s no doubt that a full immersion experience is the most powerful way to learn. Our live industrial theatre workshops are based on true events (case studies) that managers and workers can relate to.

How It Works

At intervals before, during and after the live performance, our expert facilitators will coach participants through the relevant program learning objectives in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Our professional actors are all highly skilled in delivering industrial theatre that commands audience attention and stimulates workshop involvement.

ACT’s productions allow for multiple, changing scenarios to be explored and highlight the types of conversations that are critical to safety and risk leadership. Scripts can be tailored to your industry and cover any number of relevant issues.

To find out more about how ACT Australia can assist, just call us on 08 9381 3802 or complete this quick Needs Analysis form as a starting point. We will contact you to make a time for a discussion.

Interaction that engages and challenges

In addition to scripted scenarios, we use a range of high impact, interactive techniques to involve the audience for maximum recall and behavioural change.

Stop/Start Intervention

Participants get involved with the action by giving live feedback, character coaching or even stepping into the performance.

The Bear Pit

The characters from the production make themselves available to participants for questions and conversations, placing the situation in their hands.

Skills Practice (role-play)

Role play offers the chance for participants to practice real behaviours and receive constructive feedback in a safe environment.

We are committed to working with you every step of the way to help you achieve the best safety and risk training outcomes for your workforce…in a way that is extraordinary!


Bespoke productions specifically for your outcomes

We work closely with you and industry experts to produce a live theatre workshop or film that delivers specific outcomes for your organisation. Contact our team today to learn more.

How We Can Help