PARARI 2019 with the Australian premiere of Space Shuttle – an outstanding cast of 6, a spectacular 30 m US flag and facilitated by Susan Fleming.

PARARI is the premiere international Defence explosive ordnance safety symposium held regularly in the southern hemisphere, and attracts delegates from around the globe. ACT Australia was engaged for the second time, following the success of NIMROD in 2017. Bringing a major case study to this highly technical audience with the themes of Leadership, Decision-making and Culture was a challenge ACT accepted and our testimonials were exceptional.

The symposium brought together delegates from around the world to discuss the latest innovations and advances in explosives, munitions and weapons safety. International and local experts from industry, academia, military and government share their research to collectively explore Safe Explosive Ordnance for the Warfighter Through Innovative Technology & Culture.

This compelling, facilitated live-theatre workshop analyses NASA design and procurement decisions, as well as the conflicting demands that led to the tragic missions of both Challenger and Columbia.

The legacy of lessons to be learned including the investigations, reveal that the astronauts might, in fact, have been saved.  Peer-to-peer networking and discussion in facilitated question time to reflect on the impact these similar decisions may have is our own workplace is highly valuable symposium work.

This case study also offers bed-rock for later problem-solving sessions in-house in smaller groups. Please enquire here

“In Summary, both SPACE SHUTTLE and SPOTLIGHT for SAFETY at PARARI were informative, educational, highly professional, innovative, and captivating. Both re-enactments drove home the importance of vigilance, accountability, and culture in what is perhaps the most effective training medium I’ve witnessed in 30 years of government service.”


Executive Director

Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board

United States of America

“Safety conferences or safety training can be dull, sterile, isolated, distant – it is easy in that context to feel disconnected from the potentially harrowing subject matter as an abstract concept.

Industrial theatre elements like those presented by ACT Australia – especially those which focus on situations relevant to the Defence explosives space – don’t allow the participants to hide in that level of abstraction.  The human cost of safety failure is made strikingly clear to the audience and drives them to consider the subject matter from a different light, assisted by the expert facilitation provided by the ACT Australia team.

 The ACT Australia elements contributed strongly to the success of PARARI 2019.  Susan and her team worked to understand our requirements, desires and limitations, and integrated both the SPACE SHUTTLE and SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY workshop into the PARARI program.  These industrial theatre elements were vital in balancing the experience of the delegates, as we wished to avoid a program dominated by non-interactive technical presentations.  Our decision to include ACT Australia in PARARI 2019 was validated by the high proportion of symposium delegates that prioritised attending the SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY workshop on Day 3 after experiencing the SPACE SHUTTLE on Day 1.”

Athanasios ‘Arthur’ Tsamis


Director Ordnance Safety

EO Branch, Joint Logistics Command

“SPACE SHUTTLE” – as anticipated the production value was excellent and your team did a fine job breaking the scenarios/timeline into bite sized chunks with key messages/learning prompts at the end of each.

The vignettes provided excellent food for thought and there was a strong buzz of discussion (within all the small groups across the auditorium) after each. This was extremely positive and exactly what we wanted to happen – the discussions that I was part of and/or overheard were very self-reflective across individuals and from an organisational perspective.”

Wade Evans OBE


Director General Explosive Ordnance


This production is available with 4 week’s notice for rehearsals and Susan Fleming to work with you to align the facilitation questions to the Symposium or Conference objectives. SAPCE SHUTTLE requires 2 hours workshop time, including facilitation. This works very effectively split as approx. 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour after lunch for best impact.